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Tuesday July 7th 2020


Should the New York Yankees Be Making More Moves Before the Trade Deadline?

clock is ticking closer to baseball's trade deadline, and the question is whether the Yankees should stand pat after acquiring Ichiro Suzuki or try to make another splash or two.

We know about the Steinbrenner family's desire to bring payroll down to $185 million, a budget most teams would love to have.

But for the Yankees, this represents an austerity movement and is making general manager Brian Cashman a lot more careful about how he spends the Steinbrenners' money. Nonetheless, the Yankees are an aging team, and while they are cruising to the American League East title, the biggest concern is how they will fare in the postseason.

Trading for Ichiro was a surprise and would have been a coup five years ago. He is a good ...

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