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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


Should Ichiro Suzuki Bat Leadoff for the Yankees in the Playoffs?

Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the Yankees on July 23, it seemed like he had New York in the palm of his hands. The deal made perfect sense because of Brett Gardner's injury. In addition, Suzuki was made aware of some conditions he would have to accept that included sitting against lefties, and batting lower in the lineup. 

Since joining the Yanks, here is where Ichiro has been hitting in the Yankee lineup: 

Ninth: three times

Eighth: 16 times

Seventh: two times

Leadoff: one time

Since joining the Yankees, the greatest leadoff hitter in Seattle Mariners history, and arguably the greatest hitter of the last decade, has led off a game once. Does that have a nice ring to it? 

I don't ...

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