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Monday September 21st 2020


September Looms Large: Who Is Left off the Yankees 2012 Playoff Roster?

a tough question that will need to be answered soon: Who is left off the New York Yankees 2012 playoff roster? Who makes the cut? Obviously with A-Rod and Pettite coming back, two players won't be with the team in October.

It's been an interesting season in New York because even though this team has dominated much of baseball, the playoff talk has now begun. The difference between cutting a player for the postseason and keeping him on the team could be the difference between a world championship and an early exit. Let's take a look at a few players who could be on the block. 

David Phelps, RHP

David Phelps is an interesting case. The other day Joe Girardi talked about how valuable he is because he can give you innings just about ...

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