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Friday June 18th 2021


Roger Clemens Indictment: Clemens Case Drips In Strangeness

on the docket - Roger the Rocket. Except the grand jury felt he should instead be wearing Roger Staubach's nickname.

The indictment cites 15 instances of Clemens obstructing Congress. "Hell, only 15?" Clemens asks, "I've struck out more batters than that in one game."

The indictment drips in strangeness.

Our theory is that Clemens, back in February of 2008, embarked on a strategy of denial, thinking that even if he is indicted of obstruction his buddy, George W., would pardon him.

Perhaps he did not realize congress moves EVEN slower than one of his games.

Strange... drippingly strange. How strange was this experience? Hark back to February 13th, 2008 in the Senate hearing room. See how this sounds:

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