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Thursday September 28th 2023


Red Sox vs. Yankees: Losing On Errors, Not Injuries, as Boston Wins, 6-3

Boston Red Sox disabled list is long, but even crippled, this is a darn good ball club.

Winning the first game against the Yankees proves the Red Sox are still in the mix in the AL East.

Boston’s starting rotation is now all active and healthy, and they are ridiculously good.

Red Sox ace Josh Beckett's being back is huge because his passion and fiery attitude demand a lot of respect. Clearly, Beckett is the leader of the staff and his absence was apparent.

In Friday night’s loss, the Yankees should have taken advantage of Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz.

It looked that way after Mark Teixeira’s blast in the first-inning, scoring Derek Jeter, but that was the extent of it. Jeter was on base all ...

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