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Monday July 13th 2020


Ranking the 10 Greatest Moments of Mariano Rivera’s Immortal Career

unparalleled career of Mariano Rivera has been filled with countless moments of triumph, but the best closer in baseball history has been defined by 10 specific moments that speak to the type of pitcher he was in 18 seasons with the New York Yankees.

The greatest closer of all time finishes his career with the MLB records in saves (652), games finished (952) and ERA+ (205). He also finishes with outstanding marks in ERA (2.21), WHIP (1.00) and games (1,115).

Rivera was both an outstanding pitcher and an outstanding person. He epitomized the person the Yankees organization sought on and off the field, and it was his presence on the roster that sculpted the teams of the late 90s into the dynasty that they were.

Without Rivera, the Yankees ...

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