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Friday September 25th 2020


Pros and Cons of Yankees Buying Out A-Rod’s Remaining $61 Million

class="ui-droppable">It's the $61 million question: Should the New York Yankees buy out the rest of Alex Rodriguez's contract and make him go away?

The embattled star third baseman's initial 211-game suspension was trimmed down, but Rodriguez will still be forced to sit out all 162 games of the 2014 season, plus any playoff games should the Yankees return to October.

That decision by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz will save the Yankees about $25 million this year, but Rodriguez remains under contract through 2017 at a total of—you guessed it—$61 million.

In his attempt to clear his ever-sullied name and fight for his ever-tarnished legacy, Rodriguez is suing the league, the players association and even the Yankees ...

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