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Saturday September 26th 2020


NY Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers: New York Players Who Give Yankees Edge in Game 3

0-2 in the ALCS, the New York Yankees aren't feeling good about their chances. If they want to make this a series, they'll have to win Game 3 against Detroit's Justin Verlander. 

The Yankees know this is their do-or-die game. If they go down 0-3, winning four against this Detroit Tigers pitching staff is damn near impossible—unless they go all Boston Red Sox on them. 

The slumping Alex Rodriguez and Company should also know that if they manage to squeeze out a win they will have CC Sabathia going in Game 4, meaning this series could very well end up being tied going into Game 5. 

First thing's first: There are two key players that will provide an edge for the Yankees in a game where they are heavy underdogs. 

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