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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


NY Yankees’ Skipper Joe Girardi Shouts at Heckler

Girardi would like it very much if you shut the hell up. 

SportsGrid spotted video provided by CSN Chicago of the Yankees' manager losing his cool while answering questions for media members. 

You can faintly hear a fan in the background heckling Girardi and the Yankees. It sounds something like, "Yankees swept, yes."

That's when 'ol man Girardi decided to settle things with this ragamuffin causing a ruckus while he is answering some gosh darn questions. 

Awkward much?

A little context behind the moment. The Yankees had just been swept by the Chicago White Sox and Girardi is trying to lend thoughts on pitcher Chris Sale, the man who just threw seven-plus innings of solid three-hit baseball. 

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