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Friday August 19th 2022


NY Yankees: Nova, Vazquez, Gaudin, Mitre, Moseley Fight for Two Playoff Spots

style="text-align: justify;">Via Jack Curry's Twitter:

Yanks expect 11 pitchers for DS. CC, AJ, Andy, Phil, Mo, Wood, Joba, Logan, Rbrtsn r locks. Nova, Vazquez, Gaudin, Mitre fight 4 2 spots.

He forgot to mention Dustin Moseley, but I assume if he blew the Yankees away over the next two weeks he could easily beat out some of these players. I’m also going to throw in Royce Ring because he is a lefty and could worm his way on to the ALDS roster with some impressive performances.

So the possible final two pitchers are these players: Moseley, Ring, Ivan Nova, Javier Vazquez, Chad Gaudin, and Sergio Mitre. Let’s take a look at each pitcher by FIP* (I’m using this because it’s ...

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