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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


NY Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Could Make a Bigger Impact Than Expected This Season

class="ui-droppable">The idea of Alex Rodriguez not being expected to have a big impact on a team for a season is hard to fathom. But after his performance in the 2012 postseason and necessary surgery on his left hip, the expectations for Rodriguez in the 2013 season were slim to none.

Taking PED's out of the conversation, A-Rod has had one of the greatest careers in MLB history. But over the last few seasons, we have seen an aging player look like he is aging.

With the success that guys like Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter have had at an older age, when we see a superstar player get older and their play actually starts to diminish like it should, we seem unprepared and don't accept it.

Injuries have plagued Rodriguez recently ...

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