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Saturday September 19th 2020


Nick Swisher Deserves to Get Jayson Werth Money in Free Agency…Sort of

New York Yankee and impending free agent Nick Swisher has made it known that he wants to get paid like Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth (via MLB Daily Dish).

When Werth was 31 years old, the same age as Swisher this season, he made a splash in free agency, finding himself a rich, seven-year, $126 million cotract to man the outfield for the Nationals.

Pretty much every pundit in baseball scratched his head when the deal was signed.

While Werth was a good player for the Phillies, nobody assumed he could earn over $100 million with his free-agent contract. 

Coming off of his 2010 season for the Phillies, Werth was a .296 hitter with a .388/.532/.921 batting line attached to his name. He led the National ...

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