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Wednesday January 20th 2021


New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays: Mariano Rivera Blows It

night, some guys north of the border pulled on Superman's cape. In fact, they pulled it off.

In a land where almost everyone was focused on Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Toronto Blue Jays held Batman captive so long he had to tell them where the Bat Cave was.

With the New York Yankees holding what certainly seemed like a comfortable two-run lead going into the ninth inning and with the greatest closer in baseball history coming into the game, a 10th win for the East-leading Yankees seemed certain.

But this time when The Hulk flexed his pecs, his shirt didn't rip off.

The superhero for Yankee fans proved himself human last night.

Mariano Rivera, who had seven saves and had not given up a run all year, came into ...

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