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Thursday September 28th 2023


New York Yankees: The Myth of Their Payroll and Why a Salary Cap is Bad for MLB

Yankees payroll is about average, maybe even smaller than it should be.

I hate to use juvenile terminology, but you people who complain about it are whiners and haters. Most reasonable observers agree that the the Yankees and the star powered teams that they field are great for the business of the other 29 teams. However, I will go further than that. I can say with reasonable certainty, that their payroll really isn't that high at all.

New York City is expensive. Well, New York State is expensive, the city itself will bleed every penny you have. We are easily one of the most heavily taxed states in the country. Sure the city has much to offer, but it all comes at the price of a sales tax that is almost nine percent.

That ...

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