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Tuesday July 27th 2021


New York Yankees: The Good (and Not So Good) of Spring Training

training is mercifully reaching its conclusion.

Maybe it's just me, but Yankees camp felt especially long this year. I'm guessing many of the veterans feel the same way. Except Nick Swisher, that dude loved spring training. Then again, Swish could find something to love about an asteroid crashing into Wisconsin. Swishalicious loves life.

The team is heading up north on Tuesday, so here are few good (and not so good) things I took from Tampa.


THE GOOD: A-Rod Looks Like A-Rod

It's not just that Alex Rodriguez led the Yankees in home runs and RBI this spring, it's how he did it. Last weekend, he drove a fastball over the Steinbrenner Field batter's eye in center field. The eye is more than 408-feet away ...

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