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Friday August 19th 2022


New York Yankees-Texas Rangers Two-Game Series Review

was that a lot of fun! Who says a two-game series isn't worth the effort?

One night after losing in unlikely and dramatic fashion to the Texas Rangers, the New York Yankees won a game in even more dramatic, if not precisely unusual fashion.

Coming back from a five-run deficit, the Yankees managed to beat one of their postseason foes by a score of 7-6 in Arlington, on a night that still reached well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit by the time the game ended at around 11 PM Central time.

I say that the 4-3 loss was unusual not because the "L" went on Mariano Rivera's record. He's got 54 losses now in his career, an average of about four per season. These things happen.

I say it was unusual because nothing worked for Mariano that night, ...

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