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Wednesday January 20th 2021


New York Yankees: Taking A Look At WAR

a few weeks back I went through the OPS+ of every Yankee player. At the time, I found it somewhat interesting but of course I admitted that OPS+ really only judges a player as a hitter.

Well, today I’d like to look at WAR—Wins Above Replacement—which is a stat that is more all-encompassing than OPS+. It takes into consideration defense, positional value, etc, and is not a rate stat; that is, playing time counts. So extensive time on the DL WILL hurt you.  For the complete rundown, you can visit the invaluable fangraphs.com.  

Obviously, the usual caveats regarding defensive metrics apply.

Here are some numbers that stood out to me:


Robinson Cano–5.6 WAR

Okay, ...

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