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Thursday May 13th 2021


New York Yankees Spring Training: Predicting the Pitching Rotation for 2011

dealing with free agency, the New York Yankees have often been compared to the Godfather—if they see somebody they want, the Yankees make an offer the prospect can't refuse.

However, this offseason saw the Yankees strike out in situations they usually knock out of the ballpark.

The Phillies' big acquisition of Cliff Lee, coupled with Andy Pettitte's retirement, left New York scrambling to find pitching depth.

The Yankees have only three definite starters going into next season. While C.C. Sabathia is a strong No. 1 option, Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett are wild cards. Burnett still seems to be struggling with command, and hit his teammate Greg Golson in the helmet during batting practice Sunday.

The Yankees did sign ...

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