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Monday December 6th 2021


New York Yankees: Something Old, Something New for the Possible 2013 Roster

of this moment, right here, the 2013 Yankees already have in the neighborhood of 109 million dollars spent. That's with arbitration, or new contracts. 109 million...for a season 3 years away.

What is that team going to look like? Is it going to be as old and brittle as some forecast? Well, maybe. Let's take a guess at what the lineup and rotation might look like by then.


In The Field

1B: Mark Teixeira is penned in here for the foreseeable future.

2013: 22.5 million, 33 years old in 2013.


2B: Robinson Cano, barring injury or severe drop in play, will be here in 2013 on a new contract.

2013: New contract would bring in say, rough guess, 18 million per. 30 years ...

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