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Sunday November 28th 2021


New York Yankees Re-Sign Derek Jeter

am happy this made-up drama is finally over. I have seen wrestling story lines that had more real drama that what went on with the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter over the last couple of weeks.

Living here in New York City, I saw and heard everything, from Jeter being on the back page of the New York Post in a Boston Red Sox uniform, to every Yankee fan calling WFAN and making my ears bleed, to Hal and Hank Steinbrenner make outlandish comments for the sake of making outlandish comments.

The reality was, Jeter was never going anywhere. This was such a non-story, but the Yankees—like the Dallas Cowboys—usually turn molehills into mountains.

Jeter wasn’t going anywhere two weeks ago, and he won’t be going anywhere ...

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