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Tuesday August 9th 2022


New York Yankees Offense and Pitching Could Use Some Help

The Yankees had to overcome a five run deficit last night to beat the Texas Rangers after Javier Vazquez's poor start, a start he shouldn't have even made.

Javy's pitches topped out at about 85 mph last night, which is not good enough to get major league hitters out, let alone the heavy hitting Texas Rangers.

Apparently he has a case of dead arm, which is slowing his pitches down to nearly Tim Wakefied speeds. The only problem is Javy doesn't throw a knuckle ball.

I give Javy a lot of credit for going out there and making his scheduled start, but I feel that a stint on the 15-day DL would do him and the team more good than having him out there every five days throwing a 68 mph curve or a 85 mph fastball.

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