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Wednesday December 2nd 2020


New York Yankees: No MLB Ballpark Safe from Loyal Fan Base

No team in baseball travels as well as the New York Yankees. Like the Pittsburgh Steelers (and Dallas Cowboys) in the NFL and the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL, there does not seem to be a place on this planet safe from mobs of Yankees fans.

Take this recent example as case in point.

My wife is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. While we live in Maryland, my wife often Skypes relatives in her homeland.The other day, my wife flipped on the Skype, and up popped her aunt on the screen.

What was her aunt, who lived in a small village wearing?

She was wearing an ash gray New York Yankees t-shirt.

Of course, as a baseball fan I could not help but laugh.

“They’re everywhere!” I joked, ...

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