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Wednesday October 28th 2020


New York Yankees: Mickey Mantle’s Dramatic Pinch-Hit Home Run

and film maker Tom Molito's most successful production was The 500 Home Run Club, hosted by Bob Costas and Mickey Mantle. Mr. Molito and Mickey Mantle became good friends and remained good friends until Mantle passed away. Tom was at Yankee Stadium the day Mickey hit one of his most dramatic home runs.

One summer evening, many years after he had retired, Mickey recalled that day.

The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles were playing a doubleheader on Sunday, Aug. 4, 1963. As they sat sipping their beverages on the patio of Tom's Westchester County home, Mickey asked Tom if he knew Willie Mosconi.

Tom feigned being insulted. "Hey Mickey, you ever hear of Ralph Greenleaf?"

Mickey was taken aback. Mosconi and Greenleaf ...

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