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Tuesday January 19th 2021


New York Yankees: Memories of a Special Place

attended my first game at the "new" Yankee Stadium last summer, folks; it's hard to believe the "old" one has been leveled and the reality of the whole thing is still sinking in.

It was called "The House That Ruth Built"—now reduced to a pile of rubble while a new, greed-fueled edifice begins to grace the skyline just a few feet away. Ah, but they can't haul away the many memories of a place that was MORE than just a stadium to many of us. It was a shrine, a landmark, simply THE BALLPARK to be in. And regardless of when the land beneath all the piled rubble becomes totally visible again, it will always be considered sacred ground. A few thoughts/memories:

* I remember my first game—my Dad taking me on a ...

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