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Thursday November 26th 2020


New York Yankees: Mattingly, Munson and the All-Time ‘Hall of Very Good’ Roster

writing the article breaking down each franchise's Hall of Very Good, it made me wonder what a Yankees roster of just Hall of Very Good players would look like.

The Yankees history is full of Hall of Famers but I do believe a pretty good lineup could be made from the almost Hall of Famers.

To do this, I came up with the following criteria:

- player can't be in the Hall of Fame

- if an active player, that player can't be bound for the Hall of Fame (or would be if PED use wasn't verified/suspected)

- player must have played for the Yankees for a minimum of three seasons

- only stats for the Yankees can be considered

- try to use each player in the position they played the most games for ...

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