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Sunday June 26th 2022


New York Yankees: Jorge Posada Shares Thoughts on Shifting Role, We Translate

anybody else convinced that Jorge Posada is so not on board with this full-time DH thing?

Po's been the Yankees' resident lovable curmudgeon for 15 years. He's not exactly the personality type that embraces change. And nothing good can come from change when you're a 39 year old catcher.

I wouldn't be surprised if Clint Eastwood modeled his character in Gran Torino after the salty Yankees veteran. Walt Kowalski was a gruff, stubborn old man who wouldn't hesitate to shoot you with a rifle if you messed with him or his car; the same probably applies to Posada and his catching position.

(That ringing you hear is Jesus Montero calling Brian Cashman to make sure he's staying in the minors in 2011.)

Posada spoke about the shift to DH for the first ...

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