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Tuesday December 7th 2021


New York Yankees: Joba Chamberlain Reaching Point of No Return


Last July, I wrote a story titled "Joba Chamberlain for Roy Halladay: Would You Pull the Trigger? " I did this with a straight face. There were no drugs in my system at the time.

It seems laughable now, but there was logic to it in the salad days of 2009. Chamberlain's breakout 2007 season was still somewhat fresh, and he had shown enough potential as a starter to make you think he would eventually develop into a front-line pitcher.

Most people who commented on the story didn't believe the Blue Jays—then Halladay's team—would have any interest, but there was a vocal minority who said Chamberlain was good enough to be the centerpiece of a trade package.

Even crazier, some believed Joba was too good ...

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