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Saturday August 15th 2020


New York Yankees: Is It Time to Worry About Andy Pettitte?

Pettitte has been saying he's going to retire for longer than he hasn't.

It's become an annual event by now. The season ends, the leaves change color and No. 46 says he's going home. He's like the frustrated buddy in your fantasy football league who professes that each season will be his last.

In the end, he always comes back. Just like Pettitte.

His waffling started as far back as his pre-Astros sabbatical in the early 2000s. He was often asked his opinion on the longevity of then-teammate and friend Roger Clemens, and his reaction was always the same. Pettitte would profess his respect and admiration for Clemens, then tag his commentary by insisting that would never be him.

A decade later, Pettitte is 38 and not much younger than Clemens ...

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