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Saturday August 13th 2022


New York Yankees: Hal Steinbrenner Stumbles on Slippery Derek Jeter Slope

case you haven't noticed, we're smack in the middle of—wait for it—Sports Owners Inserting Privileged Foot Into Mouth Week!

First, we were treated to the comedic stylings of one Chuck Greenberg, whose random act of aggression toward Yankee fans finally made America aware that beating the ever-living crap out of Robin Ventura isn't a job requirement to gain ownership of the Texas Rangers.

On Tuesday it was Hal Steinbrenner's turn, albeit in far less flammable circumstances. Hal, who differs from brother Hank in that he has better hair, a stronger jawline and no debilitating nicotine addiction, was making the rounds on the New York sports talk radio scene to discuss the state of the Yankees.

A typically mundane interview took a turn when ...

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