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Monday August 10th 2020


New York Yankees: Five Players Essential to Success

year, the New York Yankees fell short in the playoffs, losing to the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship. With a new season approaching and a couple new players to the team, who needs to have a good season for the Yankees to see success?

1. CC Sabathia: With the losses of Andy Pettitte and Javier Vasquez from the Yankees' starting rotation, a strong starter at the front-end of a shaky rotation is important. The Yankees will need a very strong year from Sabathia in order to make the playoffs. Sabathia will be followed in the rotation by an inconsistant AJ Burnett, still unproven Phil Hughes, an young Ivan Nova and an aging Freddy Garcia. A win at the top of the rotation is important.

Yankees fans shouldn't worry though, because Sabathia ...

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