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Wednesday August 12th 2020


New York Yankees Face Uncertain Future Going into This Winter

come here to praise the New York Yankees, not to bury them. It was a valiant effort this season to stay in contention as long as they did.

As someone who watched the trainwreck that was the 2012 Boston Red Sox, I have a ton of admiration for what the Yankees and manager Joe Girardi managed to do despite the numerous injuries and poor performances from most of the Yankees roster this past season.

But as the offseason begins, the Yankees find themselves at a crossroads, as a team with a large payroll but devoid of stars with the exception of Robinson Cano. Cano's status will be the No. 1 topic for the Yankees going into this winter with Cano on the brink of free agency. The Yankees desperately need to retain Cano.

But what is Cano coming ...

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