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Friday August 19th 2022


New York Yankees Face the Great Unknown Against the Texas Rangers

am a fine connoisseur of movies that fall under the banner of "so bad, they're good."

If it has stilted dialogue, gaping plot holes, poor special effects and gratuitous sex scenes, I am in.

Classics like the Thomas Ian Griffith thriller Crackerjack (1994), Shannon-Elizabeth-gets-violated-by-a-carrot horror flick Jack Frost (1997) and the Billy Ray Cyrus action epic Radical Jack (2002) are shockingly dreadful movies that I've watched multiple times, usually while inebriated, with great delight.

This weekend I reached the peak of the "so bad they're good" mountain with The Room, a 2003 indie melodrama written, directed, produced, executive-produced, financed and starring a strange-looking and even stranger-sounding man by the name of Tommy Wiseau.

I ...

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