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Friday August 19th 2022


New York Yankees Dominant in Day Games

Yankees, winners of five straight, are about to embark on a rarity in baseball scheduling: five consecutive day games.

Luckily for the Yankees, they have thrived this season in day games, going 31-16.

The teams collectively hits better during the day, with a team batting average of .283 in day games compared to a .262 clip at night.

Here are some individual player statistics of those who fare better during the day than at night:

The red-hot Mark Teixeira loves the day this season. He is batting at a higher average of .326 during the day, compared to .228 at night. His on-base percentage during the day is .415, 72 points higher than his .343 at night. He is also slugging .646 in day games, while only slugging .431 at night. The ...

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