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Sunday November 28th 2021


New York Yankees: Did They Make the Right Move in Letting Zack Greinke Get Away?

Greinke was traded to the Brewers for a host of minor league prospects on Sunday, and if that doesn't do much for you, don't sweat it. Nobody else seemed to care much either.

Viewed through the prism of pure talent, Greinke should have been seen as every bit Lee's equal in terms of desirability this offseason. They're both Cy Young Award winners, each gifted with pitching repertoires that straddle the fine line between power and finesse.

The 32-year-old Lee's appeal is primarily derived from his success in the postseason, a stage that Greinke, 27, has never had the opportunity to perform on. Can't exactly fault him for that.

And yet when Lee chose the Phillies last week, you never heard a peep about the Yankees getting involved in the Greinke trade ...

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