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Sunday September 20th 2020


New York Yankees Are Feeling the Effect of Losing Mariano Rivera

image of Mariano Rivera shagging fly balls in Kansas City must come to New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi in nightmares constantly. On May 3 of this season, Rivera put his marvelous career on the line when he tore his ACL during batting practice at Kauffman Stadium.

Since then, Girardi has had to endure waters uncharted for the Yankees, at least since the 1994 players strike: A bullpen without Mariano Rivera.

And now the ripple effect of that injury is coming to roost at a time when the Yankees can least afford to have it.

For most of the season, Girardi has actually done a fine job juggling the bullpen. Maligned free agent signing Rafael Soriano stepped into the closer role and did a solid job. And after David Robertson came back from ...

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