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Saturday January 16th 2021


New York Yankees: Andy Pettitte’s Retirement Doesn’t Change Anything

16 seasons, 13 with the New York Yankees, Andy Pettitte has announced his retirement, ending any speculation he'll pitch in 2011.

Yes, he may still make a come back during the season, and certainly most Yankee fans hope he will, but for now, let's operate on the assumption that he's gone for good.

The Yankees finally know Pettitte's status and they can stop wondering, but that's about the only affect his announcement should have on the team's operations.

From the time the season ended, general manager Brian Cashman has had to build his team as if Pettitte would not be a part of it this season. Everyone is asking who the Yankees will add to replace Pettitte, but why are they asking that now?

If the Yankees believed Pettitte ...

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