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Tuesday December 1st 2020


New York Yankees: An Embarrasing Chapter Ends with Kei Igawa’s Exit

strategically buying up every room in a Nicaraguan hotel in 2002, former Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein thought he had pulled the ultimate fast one on his rivals. 

Engaging in ample and undisturbed face time with free agent Cuban pitcher Jose Contreras, Epstein could freely sip rum, smoke cigars with the right-hander and most importantly, have him sign on the dotted line.

However, only hours later Epstein would learn that his prized offseason prize would waltz into the sunset hand-in-hand with the New York Yankees. 

So, when Japanese gyro-baller Daisuke Matsuzaka announced his intention to pitch in the United States in 2006, Epstein and the Red Sox would not be denied.

Blowing everyone out of the water, including ...

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