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Tuesday September 21st 2021


New York Yankees: 8 Ways GM Brian Cashman Has Actually Had an Excellent Year

the New York Yankees are unable to perform well during a season, or when a recently signed player does not perform up to par, it is easy for fans to point the finger and blame general manager Brian Cashman for their downfall. That is the core reason why the GM has been criticized harshly throughout the years. 

Yes, Cashman has made costly mistakes during his time with the Yankees. What GM hasn't? Because of those errors in judgement it is difficult for fans to appreciate all of the wise decisions Cashman has actually made. After all, Cashman has brought the Yankees to six American League Pennants and four World Series Championships. With all of this success, he has to be doing something right. 

Sure, with a payroll of $196,854,630 the ...

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