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Monday January 18th 2021


New York Yankees: 10 Risky Trades They Could Pull off to Go for It All in 2011

GM Brian Cashman has a farm stocked with highly thought of prospects, prospects that he has no intention of promoting to the major league roster anytime soon and is very hesitant to include in a trade.

Why wouldn't he trade them?

Simply put, Cashman is not looking to make "big" changes to the Yankees—it has been reported that the Yankees are only interested in left-handed relievers and players who will become free agents after this season.

Jesus Montero, Delin Betances, Manny Banuelos and company, from what we can gather, are too promising to include in a trade for such a player.

However, this is the New York Yankees we are talking about, and as we all know, the Yankees are only focused on one thing—winning ...

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