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Friday August 12th 2022


New York Yankee Playoff Hopes Rest with A.J. Burnett

2010 playoffs have been somewhat predictable up to a point;

Minnesota Twins were defeated before the playoffs began (Pedro's dad has another child) Good pitching will beat good hitting (Cliff Lee dominates Tampa Bay) Cincinnati Reds were facing, arguably, the best three-man rotation in the game (Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt) A miracle was needed for Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves to skirt past the Giants (more Eric Hinske magic) With all that said, the ALDS and NLDS have started a little differently, the baseball gods have apparently decided to shake things up this October.

Yankee folklore, mystique, whatever you want to call it, reared its head in Game 1.  But wait.. the Texas Rangers after all but giving away a Game 1 victory ...

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