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Friday August 19th 2022


MLB’s No. 5 Worst Trade in History: The Trade That Lost a World Series

year was 2002.  The city was New York.  The beloved New York Yankees, having just endured a heartbreaking loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the previous World Series, looked to regain their stride by signing valuable free agents.  Among these free agents were first baseman Jason Giambi, a guaranteed home run hitter who had gained rock star status in Oakland in recent years, and pitcher Mike Mussina, who General Manager Brian Cashman hoped would bring a bit of extra experience to the team’s pitching staff.  All in all, things looked positive for the upcoming season


Joining Mussina in the starting rotation were longtime Yankee veterans David Wells and Andy Pettitte, with a 39-year-old Roger Clemens and Orlando ...

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