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Thursday December 3rd 2020


MLB: Why Bud Selig and Baseball have the Most to Gain from NFL Lockout

NFL took a firm shake of the magic eight ball on Friday and gave just about every waiting fan a valid answer after tossing it aside: There will be no season in 2011.

What a shock, what a surprise.  

Not really.

We expected it to happen, that picture was painted long ago.  From the undetermined outcome of last week, to the past 24 hours of humming and haring, an answer was coming, one way or another.

It's just unfortunate it had to turn out this way.  Then again, that's something we can all stew over while we sip our coffee in the early days of September and wonder how we can fill the void in our lives.

But try and see the silver lining in this cloud. It won't smack you in the face like a firm ...

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