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Wednesday December 2nd 2020


MLB Trade Rumors: 5 Available Righty Bats to Balance out NY Yankees Lineup

no secret that the New York Yankees' lineup is left-handed heavy.  Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez serve as the lone, ahem, productive righty hitters in the everyday lineup. (Sorry Russell Martin, but your .180 average isn't helping anybody, even if you did hit a homer last night.)

Now with news that Brett Gardner might miss the season, the Yankees will definitely be looking for some outfield help.  Ideally, they'll be looking for someone who can duplicate Gardner's style of play, but right now, they're just looking for someone to give poor Raul Ibanez some rest.

As much as every Yankee fan would love Justin Upton, we can't forget about the Yankees' payroll plan for 2014.  That'll limit who the Yankees target unless they're gonna ...

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