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Sunday June 26th 2022


MLB: Ted Williams Was the Best but Mickey Mantle Was the Most Valuable in 1957

now, even younger fans know that Mickey Mantle's 1957 season was underrated until modern statistics revealed that it really was one of his greatest years.

Mantle batted .365/.512/.665 and was voted the American League's MVP.

But 38-year-old Ted Williams dwarfed Mantle's accomplishments.

Williams won the batting title with a .388 average. He led the league in slugging with a .731 mark, topped Mantle in home runs (38 to 34) and had a higher on-base percentage (.526 to .512).

It is fascinating that so little has been made of one of the greatest seasons that one of baseball's greatest hitters ever produced. Could the reason be that Williams, unlike Mantle, had many other seasons that were comparable?

Ted Williams ...

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