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Monday August 10th 2020


MLB Speculation: New York Yankees May Get Dodgers’ Andre Ethier into Pinstripes

Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier has quickly risen up the ranks from breakout star to Triple Crown contender to MLB All-Star.

Ethier is a staple in the middle of the LA lineup, and he showed in 2009 that he has the ability to carry a team with clutch performance in the postseason. This season, however, may ultimately be his lame duck campaign in Dodger blue.

Negotiations have seemingly been unsuccessful to this point, and Ethier himself has sounded rather pessimistic about his future out west:

“A lot of signs are pointing that way [in terms of this being his final year in LA]." "If I don't play well, we have seen them non-tender guys here. If you do play well, sometimes they don't offer those guys arbitration because their ...

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