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Sunday June 26th 2022


MLB Power Rankings: Mariano Rivera and the 20 Worst Blown Saves in History

closer's only job is to enter the game, normally in the ninth inning, get three outs and leave with his team winning the game and him getting a save.  The best closers in history do this more often than not.

However, every closer has a game where he just can't seem to get outs and the score ends up being tied or even worse, what seemed like a win became a loss.  This results in the blown save.

A blown save is never a good thing.  It may end up costing the team the win.  However, some blown saves are worse than others.  Mainly, how "bad" a blown save is all depends on the timing. 

Did it happen in a key game like a rivalry game or in the heat of the playoff hunt?  Did ...

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