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Saturday August 13th 2022


MLB Offseason Report: Latest on the New York Yankees and Cliff Lee Talks

New York Yankees fan base was in a state of bedlam yesterday afternoon, when there were reports on Twitter circulating and stating that Cliff Lee had rejected the Yankees offer. Immediately, the reaction was that Brian Cashman should throw more money in the deal. But later on, the rumors settled down as many did not know what to believe. Beat writers told fans to be careful what was out there and what they read. 

Brian Cashman has not taken a trip to visit Cliff Lee in Arkansas since his last visit. The Star Ledger is reporting that Brian Cashman may be willing to take yet another trip. The last time Cashman visited, there were reports that an apology was made to Cliff Lee's wife for certain fan behavior during the playoffs. Only good can come out of ...

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