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Saturday August 15th 2020


MLB New York Yankees: No Reason to Be Excited for Jesus Montero

he becomes another Joba Chamberlain, trade him for the sake of the organization. 

I still don't understand why Montero causes so much excitement: he's not fast, he has improved in his defense but not much, and he fails to hit against even 40-man roster pitchers as proved in spring training. 

What's even worse? He hasn't improved much at the Triple-A level. Here's the comparison:

2010:  AB- 453 2B- 34 HR- 21 AVG- .289 BB- 46 2011: AB- 409 2B- 19 HR- 17 AVG- .289 BB- 35  

I'm not a nuclear physics person or whatever they're called, but the stats tell the truth: there aren't significant differences from last year. If he hasn't increased production in what he is known for, what makes people expect Montero ...

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