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Sunday June 26th 2022


MLB Free Agents 2012: Hiroki Kuroda Signing Comes Down to Yankees vs. Red Sox

appears the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will square off 20 times in 2011, the final showdown being the pursuit of free-agent starting pitcher, Hiroki Kuroda.

So where does each team's need for a starter come from?

In New York, the Yankees have about as unsure a starting rotation as can be. Behind CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova is coming off a great rookie season in which he became of vital importance to his team. But there is no telling if Nova can do it again.

He'll have to avoid the dreaded sophomore jinx, and even though Nova has shown to be cool under pressure, that still doesn't guarantee his success in the future. It only helps it along.

As for starters three through five, right now it looks like Phil Hughes, A.J. Burnett ...

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