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Wednesday October 28th 2020


Mickey Mantle’s Grand Slam Turned the 1953 World Series Around

and filmmaker Tom Molito's most successful production was The 500 Home Run Club, hosted by Bob Costas and Mickey Mantle. Mr. Molito and Mickey Mantle became good friends and remained good friends until Mantle passed away.

Tom, his wife, Mickey and Mickey's companion, Greer Johnson, were watching the 1992 World Series at Mickey's home, when Lonnie Smith of the Atlanta Braves hit a grand slam home run.

Tom and Mickey were pulling for the Toronto Blue Jays to beat the Atlanta Braves simply because the New York Yankees and the Blue Jays were in the American League. Now, Interleague play has blurred the differences between leagues and it is not unusual for Series opponents to have played each other during the season.

The ...

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